Where the Bible Comes to Life



We are the USA Liaisons for The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center, based in Israel. It is our purpose to help USA travelers experience their own life-changing journey to the Holy Land of Israel. We believe in the deep connection between the Holy Land and the Word of God.  Faith comes by hearing the Word of God; and seeing what we believe in Israel - Priceless!

Jackie Lee and Patricia Stirnkorb, USA Certified Travel Agents


It is our belief that everyone should have the chance to travel to the Holy Land. We work with pastors, group leaders, organizations and others to help plan, promote and implement their journey to Israel. Whether your journey is 7, 10, 12 or more days, our customized tours are designed to make each trip uniquely your own. Jackie Lee and Patricia Stirnkorb work together to provide you with the best customer service possible here in the USA while our team in Israel, led by Omer Eshel, CEO of The Bible Comes to Life, prepares to immerse you in a deep Bible Study when you arrive.


Working with The Bible Comes To Life Travel and Education Center in Israel ensures that the details on the ground will be exactly what you want. If your group is ready for an educational experience, that is our specialty. If you are looking for a first-time overview, we can do it. If your focus is on following Christ's ministry, we will make sure your tour meets or exceeds your expectations.

Check out The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center website at www.tbctl.com and on Facebook.