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Things to Consider Prior to Travel

~ Passport: US citizens need a valid U.S. passport with at least six months validity beyond intended stay, to enter Israel. Make two photocopies of your passport. Leave one copy at home and carry the other separately from your original.

~ Currency: U.S. dollars can be used in Israel; however, the currency in Israel is the Shekel. Credit cards can be used at most places. ATMs in Israel are all connected to European and American banking systems. Please be advised that the ATM machines dispense money in SHEKELS - NOT US DOLLARS. We recommend that you exchange some currency into Shekels for smaller purchases and in case there is a situation where only Shekels are accepted. Please Note: We suggest you call your bank and/or credit card Company before you leave, to let them know you will be out of the country and using your ATM card or credit card.

~ Voltage: Electricity in Israel is 220 volts 50 Hz and uses the European plug with two round pins. You will need to bring along the necessary converters and adapters to operate any 120 volt appliances such as hair dryers and electric razors as well as camera and cell phone chargers. Please Note: The Bible Comes to Life will provide you with an electrical adapter as you arrive. This IS NOT a converter but works nicely for use with cell phone or other small chargers.

~ Climate: In Israel the climate is temperate, and temperatures all year round are reasonable. Israel has two main seasons: Winter (from November to March) is cool and rainy in most parts of the country; summer (from April to October) is hot and dry with little or no rainfall. The desert areas can be extremely hot in summer time. Please Note: It is critical that you drink a lot of water during the day to avoid dehydration. Sunscreen and hats are highly recommended.

~ Clothing: Plan your clothing choices based on the time of year you plan to visit. Please Note: Many of the religious attractions you will visit have modest dress codes for men and women. Women need to have something to cover their shoulders and both men and women should wear long pants. If a woman is wearing a dress, please be sure it covers the knees.

~ Shoes: You will be doing a lot of walking and most areas have uneven pavement. Please plan to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes most days. Your tour guide will let you know when sandals are appropriate. Swim shoes are advisable for the Dead Sea as well as baptism in the Jordan River.

~ Food: Israel is a kosher nation. You will find lots of delicious fish, breads, salads, fruits, meats, vegetables, humus, yogurt, etc. Please Note: If you have any food allergies or specific dietary requirements, please let your host know immediately. American foods are available in most areas.

~ Lunch Prices: Average lunch prices are $15-20/day and are NOT included in your overall price.

~ Attractions you MAY want to have extra money with you: (1) You can purchase towels (if you don’t bring your own) and rent lockers at the Dead Sea. (2) The cost for usage of the baptismal robe is included at the Jordan River. However, you can purchase it to take home with you if you wish for an additional fee.

~ Electronic ‘whispers’ are provided as a listening device to help you hear your tour guide clearly. An ear piece is included.