Tour Leader's Checklist for Success

Planning a successful trip for a large (or small) group involves a lot of attention to details. The Leader's Checklist for Success will help get you, and keep you on track.

A trip to Israel is one of the most significant spiritual journeys that many people will ever experience. We want to help you plan, promote and implement this trip using the tools and ideas that have worked for hundreds of others.

As the leader you will have a set of guidelines and duties to complete. Your primary TBCTL contact will be assigned (Jackie or Pat), and we are here to provide the direction you need to accomplish these steps. The key is being organized from the beginning.

Let’s get started!

o Set a date.

o Send out the Interest Flyer to your church, family and friends; post on social media and church web site.

o Review proposal from TBCTL, approve, sign and return.

o Provide photo for banner and brochure (which we will complete).

o Begin promoting the trip with your church, family and friends. Direct them to for online

registration and payment, as well as available insurance options.

o Print a supply of brochures and registration forms to distribute.

o Collect deposit and registration forms from individuals that could not register and pay online and

forward to: TBCTL-USA; c/o Jackie Lee; 3940 Carrington Way; Hamilton, OH 45011. (You may also

direct them to forward the forms and payment individually if you choose.)

o Keep a record of your group travelers on the Leader's Roster provided by your TBCTL contact.

o Continue to promote your trip; an after-church meeting for those who are “thinking” about it can be

scheduled using our Power Point Presentation.

o 150 days prior to departure date, the 2nd payment of 50% of the balance is due.

o 100 days prior to departure date you need to provide the total number of travelers in your group to your

TBCTL contact. This is so we have the correct number for the airlines.

o 75 days prior to departure date all balances must be paid in full.

o 40 days prior to departure date you will receive your e-ticket name validation list for your group. The

names on the e-tickets MUST MATCH EXACTLY with what is on the passport. Validate the data with

each member of your group. Provide your TBCTL contact with any changes.

o E-tickets are then issued. Distribute to your group.

o Make sure all your travelers are arriving at your departing hub airport in time for flight. We suggest at

least 3 hours in advance.

o 30 days prior to travel you will receive our TBCTL Traveler Amenity Package to be distributed to each

traveler in your group.

Relax and enjoy your trip!

If you have any questions along the way, please call or email us. We are here to help you through each step of this process!